Bookkeeping Services

As an extremely busy business owner, there are simply never enough hours in a day, especially for bookkeeping which may not seem to be a necessity. Although bookkeeping may not seem important, all the unorganized paperwork can be a serious detriment to a company. An important form or file were to be misplaced or thrown away. We take the time to understand you and your business and explain what all those confusing numbers really mean. Our staff is trained and familiar with Quickbooks and can train you to use this productive resource. Let us focus on running the numbers, while you focus on running your business!

Transparency– It is vital to have open communication with our clients. Clients are encouraged to reach out to us whenever they have a question or concern. We work with them to make sure they understand all their financial and bookkeeping records.

Services- Depending on your type of business, a different style, program or regimen of bookkeeping may be for you. From as often as daily to as infrequently as yearly, we will customize a bookkeeping routine that will fit your needs completely.

Under the bookkeeping category, there are many other services that include but are not limited to:

  • bank reconciliation
  • financial reports
  • general ledger preparation
  • business accounting system set ups
  • payroll processing

We want to help you work on your business so you can work in your business and grow your revenue.